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Perception of wages

Salary is perceived as the amount that you are paid in compensation for your work. Usually, several items are distinguished, the amount of which is called the gross salary. Within these concepts, you can find: Globalmarketingbusiness

• Base salary: It is the minimum salary that is marked in your collective agreement, according to your category and occupational group, or the amount agreed in your contract. This is the majority of your salary and the most important part of your salary.

• Additional payments to salaries, which can be:

o Personal: depending on your seniority, your position, your training or any addition that relates to your personal conditions. This applies to additional payments for seniority, responsibility or your knowledge. Nanobiztech

o By type of work: at this time, what is paid for its uniqueness. The most common and known are nocturnal, dangerous or in shifts.

o Performance bonuses: these are bonuses that are paid to you based on the quantity or quality of the work you do.

o Overtime: this concept corresponds to the payment of hours worked in excess of the working hours established in the contract. Techcrunchblog

o Additional bonuses: employees are entitled to two additional payments per year, one for the Christmas holidays and the other for the month stipulated in the collective agreement. If they are proportional, that is, they pay you a monthly part corresponding to the sum of these two payments, it will appear in this section.

o Wages in kind: these are non-monetary perceptions that you receive in the form of goods or services and that are part of your salary. This is, in particular, the case of using a company car, insurance when hiring or vouchers in a restaurant.

Income not related to wages

These are the goods and services that you receive from the company, but they are not taxed as wages. They do not have a deduction from personal income tax and some of them do not contribute to social security either. Divinebeautytips

• Compensation and consumables: Consumables are expenses that an employee had to pay to carry out their work activities, such as paying a fee or buying some pages. On the other hand, the compensation is not the amount that the worker owes in advance, but the compensation for any economic damage that the worker has suffered in his activities for the company.

• Transportation plus: compensates for travel expenses from the place of residence to the place of work.

• Benefits that include living and maintenance expenses. Some of them are exempt from social security contributions, but not all. The maximum amount to be excluded from the list is the amount provided by the Law and the regulations on personal income tax. Established, if it occurs in Spain, at € 26.67 per day without overnight stay and € 53.34 per day with overnight stay. If they are produced abroad, at a price of 48.08 euros per day without overnight stay and 91.35 euros per day with overnight stay.

• Travel expenses: These are expenses you incur when you have to move from one job to another to carry out your activities. In the case of using public transport, the amount that appears on the invoice will be exempt from paying social security contributions, but if you use your own vehicle, only an amount that does not exceed € 0.19 / km will be exempt. Therefore, a toll higher than these € 0.19 / km will be quoted and levied.

• Material costs, etc.

• Social Security benefits and compensation: These are the amounts you receive when you are temporarily disabled or partially unemployed. These amounts are tax deductible and not deductible.

• Delegated payment of economic benefits for temporary disability and partial unemployment.

• Voluntary improvements by an employer or collective agreement to apply protective measures of social security, such as additional benefits for temporary disability or partial unemployment, up to the real salary to which the worker would be entitled in a given situation. normal work.

• Compensation for transfer, suspension or termination of the employment relationship: These amounts are exempt from social security contributions and personal income tax deductions. Marketingmediaweb