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Development of an action plan:

Once the situation and objectives of your company are known, it is necessary to describe the various actions that will be taken to implement this expansion, international or not. It's time to review the tools your company will use to achieve its stated goals, such as hiring new departments or lines of business (if applicable), expanding or modifying a company's manufacturing facilities, or purchasing new equipment or tools. In this sense, your expansion plan must include financial details, investment or marketing actions, which will include the following documents: techqueer

• Investment Plan and Expenses: This section should include those expenses that are expected to be incurred in the next two or three years as a result of the expansion, whether it be the purchase of new equipment, the expansion of personnel, the opening of new stores. , research and study of a new market, promotional materials or advertising and public relations costs. bacobolts

• Financial plan: necessary to develop an investment plan that includes a forecast of the capital requirements necessary to expand the company. In this section, you should describe your own funds, as well as the funds of others that you intend to request in connection with the extension. The elements to be financed must also be indicated.

In the case of international expansion, this financing plan will also take into account aspects such as the tax rates of the country to which it is intended to export, or the possible incentives that may exist when settling in the region.

• Marketing plan: You will collect all the information about products, prices, promotions and distribution that will be needed to achieve your expansion objective. At this phase, you need to plan how you will market your products to the foreign market, taking into account the barriers that linguistic or cultural differences can create. construction bolts 

Good presentation

Necessary. An expansion plan is not a document that will later be forgotten in any drawer. Vice versa. For you and for all the members of your company, the expansion plan will be like a flashback that will remind you of everything achieved to date, and will serve as a guide to carry out the expansion of the business in a solid way and in accordance with the established guidelines. ...

In addition, we must not forget that an expansion plan is a document that you present to potential investors, banks or other companies with which you want to collaborate in the search for resources in the market. In this sense, recognizing the importance of knowing the keys of each country so that your company can succeed in it (keys that are not always known), Banco Santander offers you a range of solutions based on its many years of experience and presence in the abroad with which you want to promote the growth and internationalization of your company. Likewise, it offers you a variety of services for your international business, ranging from contributing money for your projects or helping with the currency exchange to connecting with a wide network of professionals. The objective is nothing more than to help all companies to eliminate borders.